Black Fedora members’ other projects

A/I.MWebsite – Southampton University’s Alternative and Indie music society. Mike was a member of the committee during 2000-2002. Website contains details of events in Southampton.

The BuildersYouTube – The most important British band since the Beatles – without The Builders you’d be stood in a field.

Cadillac 45FacebookYouTube – Rowland’s old band playing 1950s rock ‘n’ roll in the Norfolk area.

Dancing GiraffeWebsite – Mike writes articles for this website, covering disability issues in the Essex area.

Dysphoria/DRSSoundclick – Adam’s old death metal band. Adam and Jonathan have recorded the old DRS material, and an mp3 is available on Soundclick.

Endorphin RushWebsite – Metal band featuring Adam, active in the East Midlands 2006-8.

Fifty Shades Of RustWebsite – Lloyd’s motoring blog.

The 501sFacebook – Rockabilly trio, formerly with Rowland on drums.

The JagsWebsiteYouTube – Rowland’s new band, playing 50s & 60s rock ‘n’ roll in the Norfolk area.

KrennaFacebookSoundcloudBandcampPinterestTwitter – Punk-pop band featuring Jim and Mike, download/listen to their EP “Non-flammable Is Not A Challenge”.

Lights OutFacebook – Rowland’s old blues band.

OverdriveFacebookSoundcloudYouTube – Motoring podcast hosted by Lloyd, with Tim and Wilf.

Phoenix FMWebsiteFacebookTwitterMixcloud – Local radio station for Brentwood, broadcasting on 98.0 FM as well as online. Lloyd used to present several programmes.

Power QuestWebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeShop – Adam is a former member of this power metal band, and played on their first demo and “Wings Of Forever” album.  Have reformed after a 3 year hiatus.

Jim SadnessYouTube – Solo videos from Jim.

Guy N. SmithWebsiteFacebookTwitterShop – Horror writer, dreamweaver, visionary, Pipe Smoker of the Year 2003, 1939-2020. Well, we did nick one of his book titles… Also runs second-hand bookshop “Black Hill Books”.

Stanhope BooksWebsiteFacebookTwitter – Publishers and sellers of unique books by unique authors. Company founded and run by Lloyd.

Bands we like

Austrian Death MachineFacebookTwitterSoundcloud – GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!

Blood CircuitFacebookYouTube – Guy N. Smith’s son’s band.

The Cybertronic SpreeWebsiteFacebookTwitter – Covers from the Transformers soundtrack in full costume.

The DaveflamesYouTube – Demos from old Luna Club bands, including Wrecked ’em, Miocene and Deadbolt.

Robin GreyWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudTwitter – Folk singer from London.

The Iain Duncan SmithsSoundcloudFacebookTwitter – Girlfriend In A Coma (She’s Fit For Work), Pig’s Mouth Strikes Again, Neoliberalism Begins At Home, etc.

JyltWebsite – New website run by Nia’s dad Bernie, mp3s and videos available here.

Mexico IndigoWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudTwitter – Punk/indie-rock band from Woking, formerly known as Pocketwave, regularly gig in London.

Jazz MorleyWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudTwitter – Dorset-based singer-songwriter.

Paper AeroplanesWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudTwitter – Formerly known as Halflight, acoustic duo of Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn.

Penny OrchidsWebsiteFacebookSoundcloudTwitter – Sea shanties crossed with Joy Division.

The Robot BluesWebsiteSoundcloud – A tribute to Pete Stevens.

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet TheatreWebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTube – …and so am I!

Used to create this website

AudacityWebsite – Free audio editing software.

AVS SoftwareWebsite – Video editing software used to create all our YouTube videos, and also file converter to make MP3 versions.

FileZillaWebsite – Free open-source FTP solution.

Green Web HostWebsite – Solar-powered web hosting, our site hosts.

Instant WPWebsite – Free, standalone WordPress developer, the easiest way to install WP on your home computer.

Notepad++Website – Free open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several programming languages.

Other stuff

Nick AldwinckleWebsite – Our mate Nick reviews films for Den Of Geek.

Bechdel Test Movie ListWebsite – Does a movie contain at least two named female characters, who talk to each other, about something other than a man?  Find out here.

Give As You LiveWebsite – Shop online and raise money for charity.

The Hunger SiteWebsite – Send free food every day, all it takes is a click. Also click at their affiliated sites.

Inbox PoundsWebsite – Complete surveys, read emails and search the web while earning cash.

The Internet Movie DatabaseWebsite – Contains pretty much everything you wanted to know about films, and everything you didn’t too.

NestflixWebsite – Database of nested films and TV shows.

The Pink ToothbrushWebsiteFacebookTwitter – Gig venue and club in Rayleigh.

Setlist.fmWebsite – Lists of every gig setlist (except us…).

TV TropesWebsite – A catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.  WARNING – This site will waste large periods of your time.

Ultimate GuitarWebsite – Tabs and chords for guitar, bass and ukulele.

WikipediaWebsite – Free online encyclopaedia.

You Chose WrongWebsite – Collecting the best death paragraphs from Fighting Fantasy, Choose Your Own Adventure, etc.