Adam Bickers

Role in band: Lead/rhythm guitar, drum programming, backing vocals

Other bands: DRS/Dysphoria, Endorphin Rush, Halo Of Crows, Masquerade, On The Level, Power Quest, Sanity Nemesis, Seasons End, Zephyr

Occupation: Pathologist

Quotes: “MORE BEER!!”, “It’s an anthem!”

Chosen tipple: Newcastle Brown Ale

Influences: Judas Priest, Annihilator, Queen, Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Carcass, Venom

Favourite gig: Annihilator @ Camden Underworld May 2002

Gear: Jackson JDR-94 Concept guitar, Marshall JCM 800 100W Head, Trace Elliot “Tramp” 4×12 Cab, DOD FX-86 Death Metal pedal, Dunlop “Cry baby” Wah pedal, Zoom 2020 multi-FX.