Crazy Sadie – Middle Finger Technology


  • Format: CD/mp3
  • Recorded: 2002
  • Released: 2002
Track Listing
  1. Human (Crazy Sadie)
  2. Hell in Mind (Crazy Sadie)
  3. Down (Crazy Sadie)
  4. Stardust (Crazy Sadie)
  5. Murderland (Crazy Sadie)
  6. 15 Dead (Crazy Sadie)
  • Russ Shepard (vocals)
  • Wilf Shepard (guitar/vocals)
  • Ian Aberdein (bass/vocals)
  • Colin (drums)

The last Crazy Sadie release to date. It is the only Crazy Sadie release to feature live drums (played by former Quik-Hi drummer Colin) instead of a drum machine. All of the songs were available to listen on the Crazy Sadie Myspace page.