• Format: Tape
  • Recorded: June-July 1998
  • Released: August 1998
  • Re-issued (mp3): September 2009

Track listing

  1. Rage (Aberdein/Bickers)
  2. 18 Years (Aberdein/Bickers/Bonson/White)
  3. Politics (Aberdein/Bickers)
  4. Pictures of Matchstick Men (Rossi)
  5. Over (Aberdein/Bickers/Higgins)


  • Ian Aberdein (vocals)
  • Adam Bickers (lead & rhythm guitars/drum programming)
  • Mike Higgins (bass)

After Jim, Lloyd and Rowland quit Black Fedora, the planned studio session was cancelled. The remaining members recorded this demo at Adam’s house on his 4-track.

Also, as most of the Black Fedora songs had lyrics by Jim and music by Adam, Ian wrote new lyrics for the left-over music. Rage used to be S. O. B., 18 Years was Skull and Crossbones, Politics was Euthanasia and Over was Alone In The Dark. Lloyd and Greg were not credited as songwriters for 18 Years on the tape, but they have been added now, as they wrote Skull And Crossbones.

The cover artwork is from Guy N. Smith’s novel “The Black Fedora“, drawn by Luis Rey.

Mike remastered the tape to digital format in 2009 using AudCap.  The tape is no longer available, but can be downloaded for free from the following sites: