Dysphoria – Rivers Edge


  • Format: CD
  • Recorded: 2005
  • Released: 2006
Track Listing
  1. Rivers Edge (Bamford/Bickers)
  2. War Worth While? (Bamford/Bickers)
  3. Bad Religion (Bamford/Bickers)
  4. Dissection Room Specimens
    (i) Rhyme Of The Anatomist (Bamford/Bickers)
    (ii) Gunter’s Lament (Bamford/Bickers)
  • Jonathan Bamford (vocals)
  • Adam Bickers (guitars/bass/keyboards/programming)

A home-recorded demo by Adam and Jonathan from Dysphoria/DRS. The band could not get in touch with Alex or Oscar, so Adam plays all the instruments on the CD.

The track “Rivers Edge” is available to listen/download at Soundclick.