Krenna – Non-flammable Is Not A Challenge


  • Format: CD/mp3
  • Recorded: 23 April 2003
  • Released: May 2003
  • Re-issued (mp3): February 2007
Track listing
  1. Powernation (Sadler/Higgins/Kirven)
  2. Hurt The One You Love (Sadler/Higgins/Kirven)
  3. Copycat (Sadler/Higgins/Kirven)
  4. Again (Sadler/Higgins/Kirven)
  • Jim Sadler (vocals/guitar)
  • Mike Higgins (bass)
  • Kris Kirven (drums)

Krenna’s début EP, recorded at Basildon Studios, and produced by Pete Booker.  The CD is no longer available, but it can be downloaded in mp3 format from the following sites:

The Simpsons episode “Bart to the Future” (aired 19th March 2000) has the chalkboard gag “Non-flammable is not a challenge”.

Hundred Reasons released the album “Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge” in March 2004.