Masquerade – The Remasters


  • Format: CD
  • Recorded: 1996
  • Never released
Track listing
  1. Alone In The Dark (Bickers/Bonson)
  2. Hypocrite (Bickers/Bonson/Higgins/Kirven/White)
  3. Hammer To Fall (May)
  4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury)
  5. Roadside Nightmares (Bonson)
  6. Living After Midnight (Halford/Tipton/Downing)
  • Lloyd S. Bonson (vocals/keyboards)
  • Adam Bickers (guitar)
  • Greg J. White (keyboards)
  • M. J. Higgins (bass)
  • Kris Kirven (drums)

Greg restored some recordings of a Masquerade rehearsal, made on a portable tape player without microphones. ┬áThe material is a mix of covers and original material. Somebody once said “You can’t wreck a good song”, but they obviously haven’t heard this. Crazy Little Thing Called Love is only a short snippet (with Greg on bass), but Living After Midnight is extended out to over 8 minutes! The track Alone in the Dark later became a Black Fedora song. The track Roadside Nightmares is a spoken-word piece that was the intro to Vitesse, there are no known recordings of Vitesse currently available. Hypocrite features the only Mike Higgins bass solo (thankfully).

Listen to Hypocrite online: