No Sleep ’til Luna Club

  • Format: VHS/Digital video/MP3
  • Recorded: 15th March 1998
  • Restored: 2015
Track Listing
  1. Euthanasia (Sadler/Bickers)
  2. Skull & Crossbones (Bonson/White)
  3. Crazy (Sadler/Roff)
  4. R@p Cr@p (Sadler/Bickers/Bonson/Higgins/Whiskin)
  5. Breaking The Law (Halford/Tipton/Downing)
  6. Alone In The Dark (Bonson/Bickers)
  7. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Rossi)
  8. SOB (Video credits) (Bickers)
  • Jim Sadler (vocals)
  • Adam Bickers (lead guitar)
  • Lloyd Bonson (keyboards/vocals)
  • Mike Higgins (bass)
  • Rowland Whiskin (drums)

The first ever Black Fedora gig at the Luna Club was videoed. We transferred the recording to digital in 2015.  It is available to view as a YouTube playlist, the complete show as a video, on Vimeo, and also in audio format on Soundcloud.

Ian had not joined the band at this point, but was in the audience. The song “Crazy” was only performed at this gig due to a songwriting credits dispute.  “Rap Crap” is not to be confused with “Crap Rap 2” by The Fall. “Pictures…” contains an excerpt from the theme tune to Teletubbies!  “SOB” is an instrumental edit of the Distrust track “Rage” made by Mike.