Project X – Out Of The Darkness

  • Planned recording: summer 1997
  • Project never released
Track listing
  1. Skull And Crossbones (Bonson/White)
  2. Darkness Descending (Bickers/Bonson)
  3. Holiday Of My Dreams (Bonson/White)
  4. Summer Romance (Bonson)
  5. Polyopia (Bonson)
  6. Roadside Nightmares/Vitesse (Bonson)
  7. Alone In The Dark (Bickers/Bonson)
  8. Viewing In Retrospect (Bonson/White)
  9. Falling Out Of Love (White)
  10. Evil Woman (Bonson)
  11. Look In The Mirror (White)
  12. Today (White)
  13. Out Of The Darkness (Bonson/White)


  • Lloyd Bonson (keyboards/percussion/vocals)
  • Greg White (keyboards/piano/trumpet/vocals)
  • Adam Bickers (lead & rhythm guitar/vocals)
  • Lauren Crawley (vocals)
  • Jason Dorey (drums/vocals)
  • M. J. Higgins (bass)
  • Kris Kirven (drums/vocals)
  • Mark Monk (bass)
  • Rebecca Olley (vocals)
  • James Sadler (vocals/rhythm guitar)
  • Lee Smith (rhythm guitar/bass)
  • Laura Ward (vocals)

This project was originally planned in summer 1997, consisting of some songs by Lloyd, Greg and Adam, and featuring a variety of members sharing vocal and instrumental duties. Most of the former members of Masquerade were involved, as were Lloyd’s band at the time The Harry Monk Experience. Jim Sadler was also scheduled to appear.

The material is a mix of styles, Darkness Descending and Skull and Crossbones are metal and Holiday Of My Dreams and Summer Romance are from Lloyd and Greg’s stage musical A Weekend Away! Roadside Nightmares/Vitesse is a Jim Steinman-esque epic, which has still never been recorded to date. Skull And Crossbones and Alone In The Dark were later resurrected by Black Fedora.

It is unknown whether any recordings were actually made, but the project was abandoned in late 1997, when Project X became Black Fedora.